Personal portfolio of Balázs Sáros

Here are most of the things I worked on in my freetime in the last couple years. These are all sideprojects.

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Featherweight, Responsive, CSS Only Navigation Bar
Android rotation realtime visualization
Rotation info broadcasted via MQTT to node.js and sent to frontend via where it is visualized realtime with THREE.js.
Visual syntax optimized for displaying source code on handheld devices
Compilation bot
A python script that creates a compilation video with music from gifs from a given subreddit.
Customizable and easy to use IOS, Android and OSX device frames in one line of HTML
Frontend for searching PyPI, a feature rich alternative to pip search
Published articles on
I wrote a few programming related articles and published them on
Visualized OEE calculator
A tool to help anyone understand the concept and implications of OEE (instructions are in the reddit thread)